Excerpts from
Questions all thoughtful men have asked,
Answered from the Wisdom of the Ages

by Ernest & Fenwicke Holmes

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Book Description
An Epic Poem in the tradition of THE ILIAD of Homer and John Milton’s PARADISE LOST, THE VOICE CELESTIAL bridges the centuries that have passed since Jesus Christ gave his message to mankind and links that message to our present age. The Wayfarer makes his journey through the world’s great religions to the mysteries of Egypt, and finally to Jesus Christ, being changed in the process, and discovering along the way that we live in a loving universe, where all men and women are masters of their own destinies. The 368 page ebook edition contains the complete text of the original together with illustrations.



In THAT is found identity of Cause and Cosmos and the ME

1. Reverie of the Farer                                                              

The Great Enigma—truth or fable?

Life known? Unknown? Unknowable?

2. The Celestial Presence                                                               

A voice is heard. Whence cometh this?

From earth, from heaven or the abyss?

3. Faith and Hope                                                                                     

Our hands are raised in agony;

But what is that, O God, to Thee?

4. Life and Death                                                                             

Is life a play, a farce, a myth?

And is man destined but for death?

5. Heaven and Hell                                                                          

Seek not for future mercy given,

For in thyself is hell or heaven.

6. Truth and Beauty                                                                       

The eyes of man can pierce the screen

Where Truth is known and Beauty seen.

7. Reality and Illusion                                                                      

Illusion is illusion, and reality alone

Exists for those who learn to see.

8. Illumination and Intuition                                                            

Across the night the curtain is withdrawn,

And lo, the light breaks on my soul! 'Tis dawn!

9. Praise and Thanksgiving                                                            

I praise all life and all existent things,

For in them all I hear a Voice. God sings!

10. Love and Friendship                                                                 

I take thy hand in mine; we are one soul

Enlarged by love, expanded to the Whole.



1. The Altar of the Ages                                                      

The veil is rent and man can see

What was and is eternally.

2. The Vedic Hymns                                                                      

In breaking light of cosmic morn.

The consciousness of soul is born.

3. Rama, Founder of Faiths                                                            

Into the East he went,

Back to the West the circle bent.

4. Zoroaster, Mithras' Priest                                                         

Of light and darkness tell;

Of good and evil, heaven and hell.

5. Prophets of India                                                                        

"Who finds and teaches faith in Me,

Unto Brahma cometh he."

6. Ascription to Buddha                                                              

7. Buddha, the Enlightened                                                           

Unchain the earth-bound soul,

Unite him with the Whole.

8. Hermes, Egypt and the Law                                                       

The veil of Isis has been rent

And man is judged by his intent.

9. Moses and the Great I AM                                                           

The knower and the known are one,

Cause and Effect as Law are shown.

10. Orpheus and the Mysteries                                                       

Sweet singer who on Grecian shore

Showed life to live forevermore.

11. Pythagoras the Genius                                                         

Life cannot die, the soul set free

Links time in to eternity.

12. Plato and the Ideal                                                                     

Search for the self and know the real

Exists in thought and the ideal.

13. Jesus, Last of the Great Masters                                           

Love is the Law; the truth unsealed;

The endless life of soul revealed.

14. Song of the Father                                                                  

If God be Father, homesick one,

Return to Him for thou art son.

15. Song of the Mother                                                                  

O Holy Spirit, Mother-God, thy grace

Assures God's love for all the human race.

16. Song of the Son                                                                     

Partake the cosmic Eucharist

And find the universal Christ.

17. The Awakening                                                                    

Bedazed, amazed, though thou shalt be,

To all that is, man is the key

And God compressed within the Me.

18. The Farer's Dedication                                                             

No longer shalt thou lonely be,

I am thy friend and walk with thee.

19. Post-word                                                                                  

The great enigma now enroll

To read the last and secret scroll

And build the body of thy soul.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS                                                        

Order in Adobe PDF eBook or printed form for $11.95

or click here to order in printed form from Amazon.com for $12.95